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Vampire's Fall: Origins offers many different Weapons for the player to choose from to use to slay Monsters.

The three main types of weapons are

Blunt Hammers, Maces, Shields (used offensively), Fists.etc...

Slashing Swords, Axes, etc...

Piercing Spears, Swords, Halberds, Daggers etc...

Along with their basic type of weapon attack, some weapons offer fringe benefits from upping your health to poisoning your enemies and many many others...compare all of your weapons before equipping them, equipping the right gear can make huge vital differences during combat.

Side note Some weapons may be THROWN..if a thrown weapon finds its mark, the damage is usually magnificent. Keep in mind though, if the weapon throw does NOT finish the enemy, blocked dodged, or not, the Vampire who threw the weapon must now finish the fight with his/her fists...use caution when throwing weapons