Sabotage at Eyjan Farm

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Orla Finch
Location of evidence at Eyjan Farm

This quest is initiated by talking to Orla Finch in the Eyjan Farm. She is located just on the left to the entrance.

Orla Finch wants you to investigate who or what is destroying their crops at night. You have to gather at least 150 info points about the sabotage. After that, she indicates one of three groups must be responsible for the sabotage and your task is to find out which one.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

- Talk to Orla Finch to start the quest.

- Find and kill false guard near the easternmost part of the farm.

- Interact with barrel west to that guard.

- Talk to another guard located northeast to the false guard.

- Interact with shed at the northern part of the farm.

- Interact with blood on the ground west to the shed.

- Interact with broken fence at the southeastern part of the farm.

- Interact with shovel left on the ground east to the entrance to the farm.

- Return to Orla Finch and tell her about your findings for 800 g and 1200 exp.

- Travel to hunter's camp and defeat hunters.

- Return to Orla Finch and tell her the hunters were responsible for sabotage to gain 1250 g and 2000 exp.

Quest Log[edit | edit source]

Number Log
1 Find out what's behind the sabotage at Eyjan Farm

Min. Info Required:


Current Info:


2 Return to Orla Finch
3 Investigate the suspects for the sabotage at Eyjan Farm
4 Return to Orla Finch