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The First Recruit

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This is the first quest in Vampire's Fall: Origins and it is started by default when beginning a new game.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

- You begin in Vamp’Ire with Town Elder Walter asking you to go speak with Captain Angmar.

- Talk to Captain Angmar near the gates.

- Choose a weapon that best suits your play style and prepare for your first battle.

- Defeat the Rat.

- After you defeat the rat follow the road outside the Village, past the weapon stand, and find Sava Savanovic. He can heal your rat wound.

- He will ask you to defeat a Beast guarding some mushrooms he wants. Head west toward a spot covered in blood and surrounded by flies.

- Interact with the spot and battle the Beast.

- If you weren't strong enough, level up a bit before trying again.

- Return east to Sava Savanovic and speak to him to continue the quest for 35 g and 25 exp.

- Head back to the village and speak to Captain Angmar

Warning: You can not return once you talk to Captain Angmar . Make sure to do everything you can or want in the beginning section before proceeding!

- You will be forced to battle the Witchmaster, he is unbeatable so just try and see how much health you can take before being destroyed.

- Your dying of thirst, head west and drink from the town well.

- Your thirst refuses to be quenched, follow the smell by approaching the bodies directly east.

- Drink from either the dead soldier or dead rat.

Quest Log[edit | edit source]

Number Log
1 - Talk to Captain Angmar
2 - Follow the road outside the Village, past the weapon stand, and find Sava Savanovic. He can heal your rat wounds.
3 - Go west from Sava and find the mushrooms. Interact with them to bring forth the beast to kill.
4 - Return to Sava and tell him you killed the beast guarding the mushrooms.
5 - Report back to Captain Angmar at the gates.
6 - Drink water from the well.
7 - Find the source of the scent.