The Fate of The Mountain King

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Location of an ancient sword and shield in Gordova mountains

This quest is started by completing The King's Hammer.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

-The Mountain King's sword and shield are located east of the lower tip of the letter "A" in Gordova, across the first mountain range just before the 2nd mountain range.

-*Tip* you can use the cave entrance East of the Lair at Gordova to save some walking

- In the snowy woods, you will find an Ancient sword and shield and receive 2000 xp.

- You will find out the King has run away to the Endless Swamp as Philip Guggelhein

-*Note* You must be far enough in The Hunt for Sava to have discovered the underground river, North within the mountain region where you found the sword and shield.

-Take the underground river passage. The road to the next mappoint will lead you to a wall covered in relics - you must defeat the creature (Door Guardian, 3490 HP, 3000 XP) to pass

-Locate Shira Guggelhein, standing by the bridge South of the weapons shop. Shira is a descendant and asks you to keep quiet.

- Complete the quest for 750 gold and 1800 xp.

Quest Log[edit | edit source]

Number Log
1 Find out what happened to the Mountain King. He is said to have disappeared in the Mountains
2 Search the Huts of Mangrove for any trace of the The Mountain King, later known as Philip Guggelhein
Shira Guggelhein is a descendant and asks you to keep quiet