Potion Maker

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The Potionmaker can be found in all of the settlements. You can find her by looking for the blue beaker on your map.

Each Potionmaker is individual to the settlement and has unique characteristics. She sells five different potions. The cost of the potions and what is available stays the same, however, the Potionmaker, herself, is unique.

   *Three sizes of blood vials that will restore your health. These are red in color.
             -lesser blood vial, heals %, costs 63
             -blood vial, heals 60%, costs 81
             -greater blood vial, heals 100%, 
              costs 126
   *Purple potion is a transportation potion, called bat travel potion. This potion will take you to any main 

settlement that you have already explored.

            One potion=1 transportation.
            Cost: 170
  *Green potion is a creature lure that lasts for 20 minutes. This ensures you come across more creatures. Especially helpful if you have quest that entails killing so many of a certain creature.
        Cost: 205