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  • Player is able to enter PVP after he reaches Marid's Lair of Duels.
  • Player can attain Rank on the Leaderborad starting at rank 19 and decreaseing to rank 0 as the top of the Leaderboard (Rank 0 is the highest, with beginners starting at the Rank of 19
  • PVP combat is turn based and real time and it matches online people with similar Player level and Gear level.
  • If players with similar level are not found after several seconds the search increases allowed player level difference.
  • After a fight wining player receive fangs and losing player lose some.
  • When certain amount of fangs are obtained the Rank is decreased and fangs are reset to 0
  • In PVP players health is increased by multiple of (3) to increase length of the fight and prevent one-hit-kill scenarios
  • Although there is possibility to kill player in one Combo turn.