Old Lady

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Old Lady

The Old Lady is a old woman in the northwest of Mor Nyth. She is one of the oldest people in the village and remembers the Witchmaster when he was young and what caused him to become like he is.

Quests[edit | edit source]

- Origins

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

What ye want young one?
Rquirin' help from people ye don't know?
If ye help me I'll tell you the only interesting story Mor Nyth has to offer.
The fish in our small river is disappearing. I don't know if it's a bear or something else eating all the fish. Follow the river south and find the bear. Get rid of it and come back.
Oi! No running!
Mhmm...the fish eater is gone. I can sense that.
I don't know why ye are looking for a Witchmaster. No one here has ever seen a Witchmaster. It doesn't matter who ye are asking.
I promised to tell ye a story. Maybe this have something to do with yer Witchmaster. Maybe not.
Many years ago there was this young man living in Mor Nyth. Like many young ones before him, he fell in love with a girl. She fell in love with him. Her name was Melissa. While many love stories end in tragedy, this one was particularly tragic. While picking mushrooms in the forest, Melissa was bitten by a wolf. The wolf ran way quickly, but the lass had started to bleed badly. She screamed for help as loud as she could. Against all odds, the young man heard her. He searched the forest for hours, all while her screams faded more and more. When the young man finally found Melissa, she was pale as a sheet. There was no blood left in her body. The young man screamed so loud the gods could hear him. Vowed to bring her back, whatever it takes, Of course, there was nothing he could do. The younf man never recovered from the death of his loved one. He disappeared into the night. Sometimes people say they see glimpses of him over there at the old shed just north-east of Mor Nyth, where he used to live. For all I know, those are just ghost stories to keep the children from wandering out at night.