Missing Fire Watcher

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Leader of the Fire Watchers

This quest begins by talking to the Leader of The Fire Watchers right to the Watcher's village entrance. He is asking you to light the fires in the village and to find some trace of the missing fire watcher.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

- Talk to the Leader of The Fire Watchers

- Light the 6 fires in the camp for 200 xp

- Find the stone engraving on the the well southwest of the Leader.

- Go back to the Leader for 200 gold and 200 xp.

-Head to Ironhold to talk to Fire Watcher's mother Petronille located in southeast part of the town and recieve 300 xp.

- Head to Farseer mountains to look for the Fire Watcher. He is located in the "C" to the southwest of the letter "F" in "Farseer" (straightline west from the potion seller in Farseer village)

Diary of Rookie Fire Watcher.png
Missing Fire Watcher Pin Point.png

-Fire Watcher is dead, interact with his diary and recieve 500 xp.

- Follow the bloody trace to the cave northwest of Fire Watcher's body.

-Fight the Mind Consumer (2790 HP) to recieve 900 gold and 2500 xp.

- Head back to Petronille, tell her what happened to her son and complete the quest for 1000 xp.

Quest Log[edit | edit source]

Number Log
1 - Find out where in the village the missing Fire Watcher is

-Light all fires in the Watcher's village

2 Return to the leader of the Fire Watchers
3 Go to the rookie Fire Watcher's home in Ironhold
4 Look for the missing Fire Watcher in Farseer mountains
5 Follow the trace
6 Let Petronille know that her son was possessed by a spirit.