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Might are powerful abilities gained by standing within a Sacred Bush Circle and defeating its Pillar Guard.

Revitalize.jpgRevitalize: Heal 15% HP after each fight. Location: Northeast of Avan Sacred Bush Circle.

Clarity.jpgClarity: Find out the greatest weakness of the enemy. Location: South of the Ruins of Aendisea Sacred Bush Circle.

Vigour.jpgVigour: Run 8% faster. Location: North East of Cahl's Creek Tavern at East Woodland Battle grounds Sacred Bush Circle.

Daemon Call.jpgDaemon Call: Wild brutals are 100% more likely to find you. Location: Mor Nyth Sacred Bush Circle.

Greed.jpgGreed: +33% higher chance for Dragonling.Location: Dreary Mire Sacred Bush Circle.

Magus.jpgMagus: Choose damage type for Conjure. If not active Dark is default. Magus Fire.jpg Fire Magus Lightning.jpg Lightning Magus Dark.jpg Dark Magus Magic.jpg Magic .Location: North of Kamengrad Sacred Bush Circle.