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Marid is the Connector of Worlds. He and his Lair exist outside of time but they can be found on the southern portion of the map, south of the road between Vamp’Ire and Avan. He has few pleasures left in this world so he connects 'Seekers' (Players) to each other so that they can battle for fame, riches, and/or power.

Quests[edit | edit source]

- A Visit To Marid's Place

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Come in seeker. Do not be afraid. I am Marid. I can see that you are lost. In many ways you do not belong in this world anymore. Do not worry. Not belonging and being alone are not the same thing.
I can help you connect with others of your kind. Why? To battle them and grow stronger! Whenever you feel like testing your skill against others of your kind, just use this stone.
For your curious nature I award you with this chest of gold.
Ahh, another Seeker. Welcome to Marids Lair.
I am Marid, Connector of Worlds. There are few things in this world I still enjoy, but connecting Seekers and watching them battle is one of my pleasures.
This is where you may connect with other Seekers. Only creatures of your kind can see this place and talk to me. My Lair is here and yet it is not. It will be here after it is gone, and it was here...
...before it was not. My Lair stands outside of time. It is by these properties you are able to duel other Seekers, while I enjoy the seeking.
Yes, you are a Seeker! Or do you deny seeking something? No no, it is in your nature to seek. Perhaps is it fame, perhaps riches, perhaps power. Seeking is at your core.
Seeker! I have been watching you. You are ready to visit me now. The angel will point you to my lair.
Seeker? You still haven't visited me. How unusual, it seems you follow your own path. Let me introduce myself. I am Marid, Connector Of Worlds. Let me show you. Pick up a stone by...
...the fire.
Can you see the runes on the stone? You are now able to battle seekers from other worlds. just press the stone and get ready for battle.
So you have finally arrived here Seeker. Why did you not come here immediately?