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Maces are a category of weapons in Vampire's Fall: Origins. There are many that can be obtained for use in battle and they are primarily blunt weapons.

Common[edit | edit source]

Rusty Mace[edit | edit source]

Rusty Mace
Details Rusty Mace
Quality Common
Weight 7.7 kg
Value 10
Damage 6-10
Combo actions Slam [Blunt]: 11-16 Dmg
30 Focus
Bonus Stun Chance 2%

Crude Mace[edit | edit source]

Crude Mace
Details Crude Mace
Quality Common
Weight 8 kg
Value 161
Damage 13-19
Combo actions Strike [Blunt]: 18-25 Dmg
23 Focus
Heavy Strike [Blunt]: 40-63 Dmg
52 Focus
Bonus Stun Chance 3%

Elegant Mace[edit | edit source]

Elegant Mace
Details Elegant Mace
Quality Common
Weight 7.8 kg
Value 789
Damage 21-35
Combo actions Heavy Strike [Blunt]: 57-88 Dmg
45 Focus
Bonus Stun Chance 5%

Rare[edit | edit source]

Deadly Mace[edit | edit source]

If you have a screenshot of this mace or know what it looks like, DM Adjacentengels on Discord.

Deadly Mace
Quality Rare
Weight 8.3 kg
Value 634
Damage 15-22
Combo actions Strike [Blunt]: 18-25 Dmg
20 Focus
Heavy Strike [Blunt]: 37-59 Dmg
44 Focus
Bonus Stun Chance 4%
Crit. Dmg +18%

Righteous Mace[edit | edit source]

Righteous Mace
Details Righteous Mace
Quality Rare
Weight 8.3 kg
Value 2173
Damage 26-32
Combo actions Strike [Blunt]: 31-38 Dmg
20 Focus
Heavy Strike [Blunt]: 65-98 Dmg
45 Focus
Bonus Max Focus +22 FP
Stun Chance 5%

Mace of Malice[edit | edit source]

Mace of Malice
Details Mace of Malice
Quality Rare
Weight 8.5 kg
Value 8927
Damage 58-70
Combo actions Dark Strike [Dark]: 74-91 Dmg
22 Focus
Heavy Strike [Blunt]: 152-227 Dmg
48 Focus
Bonus Humanoid Hunter +20% XP
Stun Chance 9%

Unique[edit | edit source]

Lords Mace[edit | edit source]

Lords Mace
Details Lords Mace
Quality Unique
Weight 9.3 kg
Value 1240
Damage 23-31
Combo actions Strike [Blunt]: 31-41 Dmg
23 Focus
Heavy Strike [Blunt]: 64-99 Dmg
49 Focus
Bonus Stun Chance 5%
Blunt Dmg +18%
Beast Hunter +9% XP

Ultra-Heavy Mace[edit | edit source]

Ultra-Heavy Mace
Details Ultra-Heavy Mace
Quality Unique
Weight 14.5 kg
Value 4904
Damage 42-52
Combo actions Strike [Blunt]: 60-73 Dmg
24 Focus
Heavy Strike [Blunt]: 122-183 Dmg
50 Focus
Bonus Blunt Dmg +28%
Spectral Hunter +15% XP
Stun Chance 7%

Legendary[edit | edit source]

Mythic[edit | edit source]

Corrupted Mace[edit | edit source]

Corrupted Mace
Details Corrupted Mace
Quality Mythic
Weight 9.5 kg
Value 36068
Damage 95-116
Combo actions Strike [Blunt]: 139-170 Dmg
25 Focus
Heavy Strike [Blunt]: 310-465 Dmg
57 Focus
Bonus Magic Resistance +25
Blunt Dmg +42%
Crit Dmg +50%
Max Focus +52 FP
Spectral Hunter +22% XP
Stun Chance 10%
Emerald Mace
Quality Mythic
Weight 8.0 kg
Value 39749
Damage 297-377
Combo actions Strike [Blunt]: 612-761 Dmg
35 Focus
Heavy Strike [Blunt]: 941-1424 Dmg
55 Focus
Bonus Beast Hunter: +24% XP
Blunt Dmg: +45%
Max Focus: +58 FP
Spectral Hunter: +24% XP
Stun Chance: 11%