Lord of Watcher's Village

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Lord of Watcher's Village

The Lord of Watcher's Village is a man in Watcher's Village in the north of the village. He likes the cold and directs you to First Lieutenant Aytama after the death of Captain Claeg.

Quests[edit | edit source]

- The Hunt For Sava

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

The cold. It's refreshing.
He is on his daily walk along the water.
The Captain is dead? Sava. I knew it. People are afraid of him. Sava and his secondborns attacked us not long ago. We couldn't do much but hide in our towers. Not everyone made it to the towers...
We have been on the lookout for him ever since. No trace to be found. It's like he is hiding, at the same time. It feels like he is watching us.
I will send word to Ironhold of the captain's death. If you are looking to gain access to Ironhold, this won't help you I'm afraid. They don't let anyone enter ever since Sava arrived. Your only chance to find the next in chain of command after Captain Claeg: Fist Lieutenant Aytama. She is stationed at Lakefield Outpost.