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There are many Locations the player with travel to throughout Vampire's Fall: Origins such as Vamp'Ire.

Per Map[edit | edit source]

Mainland[edit | edit source]

Village Towns

(with Farseer Barrels and Healer)

Farms Taverns Cemeteries Ruins Others with Blacksmith with Potion Seller
Vamp’Ire Yes* No
Yesildale No No
North Kaarja Yes No
Delphi No No
Niwokee No No
Mor Nyth Yes Yes
Avan Yes Yes
Kamengrad Yes Yes
Easthaven Yes, 2 Yes, 2
Westwood Farm Yes No
Ways Farm No No
Twin Boulders Tavern No No
Cahl's Creek Tavern No No
Lonely Mans Tavern No No
Green-Wood Cemetery No No
Angel Falls Cemetery No No
Kamengrad Ruins No No
Paddock Village Ruins No No
Ruins of Aendisea No No
Woodland Market Yes Yes
Library of Shade No No
Meathers Cabin No No
Brutal Catacombs No No
Lake of Nyssa No No
Hunter's Lake No No
Koccuburry Caves No No
Secret Meadow No No
Marid's Lair No No
Borewood No No
Dreary Mire No No
Trolldeskoven No No

*No Blacksmith in Vamp'Ire after The First Recruit.

Denumald[edit | edit source]

Villages Towns (with Farseer Barrels) Mountains Forests Others with Blacksmith with Potion Seller
Jorvik No Yes
Farseer Village No Yes
Translators Guild No No
Watcher's Village Yes Yes
Abandoned Village No No
Smuggler's Bay No Yes
Ironhold Yes Yes
Gordova Yes Yes
The Mangrove Huts Yes Yes
The Farseer Mountains No No
Watcher's Vale No No
Gordova Mountains No No
Hallorms Forest No No
Cape Forest No No
Middleriver Forest No No
Woods of Haag No No
Falu Mining Site No No
Lakefield Outpost No No
Eyjan Farm No No
Windy Fields No No
Lurkwood No No
The Red Swamp No No
Heart of the Island No No
The Abandon Harbour No No
The Endless Swamp No No
Finis Regio No No

Villages[edit | edit source]

- Vamp'Ire

- Yesildale

- North Kaarja

- Delphi

- Niwokee

- Mor Nyth

Towns[edit | edit source]

- Avan

- Kamengrad

- Easthaven

Farms[edit | edit source]

- Westwood Farm

- Ways Farm

Taverns[edit | edit source]

- Twin Boulders Tavern

- Cahl's Creek Tavern

- Lonely Mans Tavern

Cemetery[edit | edit source]

- Green-Wood Cemetery

- Angel Falls Cemetery

Ruins[edit | edit source]

- Kamengrad Ruins

- Paddock Village Ruins

- Ruins of Aendisea

Other[edit | edit source]

- Woodland Market

- Library of Shade

- Meathers Cabin

- Brutal Catacombs

- Lake of Nyssa

- Hunter's Lake

- Koccuburry Caves

- Secret Meadow

- Marid's Lair of Duels

- Borewood

- Dreary Mire

- Trolldeskoven