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Lineage represent the player's background: what they inherited from their family or their profession. The word "lineage" implies that the player will go on to found a vampire group, which is also suggested by the use of terms like "House Magistrav" in game. There are four lineages that can be picked during character creation; each provides a small permanent bonus.

Nosferatu[edit | edit source]

The Nosferatu family are known for their power and cruelty. They take pride in being feared and will destroy anyone that threatens them.
  • Bonus: +8% Gold drop

Magistrav[edit | edit source]

Magistravs are known for magic and neutrality. They tend to themselves., avoid conflict and do everything they can to advance their knowledge of the magical arts.
  • Bonus: +2% Item drop

Ranjeni[edit | edit source]

The Ranjeni family are masters of deception. In battle they often pretend to be wounded before attacking with full force. Results matter, the truth doesn`t
  • Bonus: +2% Dodge

Equides[edit | edit source]

Equides consider the world to be evil. Only with compassion and kindness can humans tip the scales back into favour of the good, and purge the evils of the world.
  • Bonus: +5% XP