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Mainland is where your journey begins.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Village Towns

(with Farseer Barrels

and Healer)

Farms Taverns Cemeteries Ruins Others with



Potion Seller

Fast Travel


Vamp’Ire Blacksmith Icon.png Yes* No No
Yesildale No No No
North Kaarja Blacksmith Icon.png Yes No No
Delphi No No No
Niwokee No No No
Mor Nyth Blacksmith Icon.png Yes Potion Maker Icon.png Yes No
Avan Blacksmith Icon.png Yes Potion Maker Icon.png Yes Bat Travel Potion.jpg Yes
Kamengrad Blacksmith Icon.png Yes Potion Maker Icon.png Yes Bat Travel Potion.jpg Yes
Easthaven Blacksmith Icon.png Yes,2 Potion Maker Icon.png Yes, 2 Bat Travel Potion.jpg Yes
Westwood Farm Blacksmith Icon.pngYes No No
Ways Farm No No No
Twin Boulders Tavern No No No
Cahl's Creek Tavern No No No
Lonely Mans Tavern No No No
Green-Wood Cemetery No No No
Angel Falls Cemetery No No No
Kamengrad Ruins No No No
Paddock Village Ruins No No No
Ruins of Aendisea No No No
Woodland Market Blacksmith Icon.pngYes Potion Maker Icon.png Yes No
Library of Shade No No No
Meathers Cabin No No No
Brutal Catacombs No No No
Lake of Nyssa No No No
Hunter's Lake No No No
Koccuburry Caves No No No
Secret Meadow No No No
Marid's Lair No No No
Borewood No No No
Dreary Mire No No No
Trolldeskoven No No No

*No Blacksmith in Vamp'Ire after The First Recruit.

Main Quest[edit | edit source]

  1. The First Recruit
  2. Origins

Side Quest[edit | edit source]

Number Quest name
1 The Package
2 Clearing The Fields
3 Gorneval's Favorite
4 Petyr the Eye-less
5 A Visit To Marid's Place
6 Master the Hunt
7 Sergeant Tents
8 Hunters Lunch
9 The Blue Rat
10 Bringing the Bad News
11 Collect Wood
12 Buried Bones
13 Curse Of Westwood Farm
14 Last Wish
15 The Ruins of Aendisea
16 Iron Mines
17 Lost Book Box
18 Sign the Book
19 Shapeshifter Among Us
20 Master The Hunt - Part 2
21 Sarcophagus Secret
22 Hanged
23 Kill the Lieutenants
24 Finding the Medallions
25 Brother of the Hooded Brotherhood
26 Kill the Adventure Killer
27 Beating Farmers
28 Ring in Tree Stump
29 Find Cutie Pie
30 Just Business
31 The Stolen Cross
32 Find the Necklace
33 It's Always Raining In Delphi
34 Missing Lumberjack
35 Rats
36 Finding the Lost Son - Again
37 Swamp Strength
38 Over There
39 Missing Fishing Rod
40 The Cursed Church
41 Master the Hunt - Part 3
42 Healing the Oak
43 Help the Potion Maker
44 Unwanted Demon
45 The Cult
46 Tournament of Duels
47 Kevin
48 Cleanse the Crypts
49 Crab Sticks
50 Flowers on Graves
51 Helping the Philosopher
52 Walker of Soil
53 Master the Hunt - Final Part
54 Solve the Riddle 1
55 Solve the Riddle 2
56 Solve the Riddle 3
57 Solve the Riddle 4
58 Solve the Riddle 5
59 World Cornerstones
60 Maelstroms