God of Brutals

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This article contains spoilers. Read at your own risk!

God of Brutals
General info
God of Brutals
loosely based on the Hooded Magician group
Brutal Catacombs
Defeat the other two Gods
Base Details
Greatest weakness
Gold Drop
Experience Gain

Location[edit | edit source]

She sleeps in the upper crypt of the Catacombs. Once the other two God Brutals are defeated and the two big fires left and right of her crypt are lit, the battle can be started by interacting with her tomb.

Battle[edit | edit source]

A serious spike in difficulty among God Brutals. This is probably the fight where you will hit your limit first after the first couple of Rebirths. She deals a lot of magic damage, so normal mythical armor is pretty good. Three things are important to know if you want to prepare for a fight with her :

  • While Conjuration-centered builds are often very efficient in PVE she has very high resistances to all four magical types. So with the massive increase of her HP and damage in the Gold and Epic versions it can force you to respect into a melee build just for that fight.
  • She can lower your maximum life and has a very powerful charged attack, so if you're doing a respec don't hesitate to throw a handful of points into your max HP, but you should focus predominantly on shield block, especially ranged block, which will circumvent her charged attack with any luck.
  • She will fully heal herself once per fight, usually between 50-60% HP.

Stats[edit | edit source]

HP Action 1 Action 2 Action 3 Action 4 Action 5
Bronze 19,512
Silver 41,562 Preparation for attack Magic Preparation for attack Magic Blunt
Gold 70,226 Lighting -200 Max HP (10 turns) Fire, Magic Blunt
Epic 106,136 Lighting -200 Max HP (10 turns) Fire, Magic

*Stats and Information to be amended*

Blunt Piercing Slashing Bleed Poison Dark Magic Fire Lightning
Effective Effective Effective Effective Ineffective Ineffective Ineffective Ineffective Ineffective

Rewards[edit | edit source]

In addition to the normal rewards of a fight (gold and experience), this statuesque God drops a Cape that increases both Instinct and Control Abilities, in addition to boosting dodge chances and equipment load maximum. It is the only cape that is different per tier. It boosts both Instinct and Control Abilities and it will always boost them by 1 more than the capes of the other two God Brutals of similar tier.