First Lieutenant Aytama

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First Lieutenant Aytama

First Lieutenant Aytama is a woman in the wilds above Lakefield Outpost where she had been stationed before the death of her immediate superior Captain Claeg and her attempted assassination by the Secondborn. Now she resides in the northeast of Ironhold.

Quests[edit | edit source]

- The Hunt For Sava

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

*Draws sword* You don't look like one of them. I can see that you are a vampire though. Who are you?
I got a message from a scout that a Dire Wolf had been spotted close to this hut. I must have been faster than they expected. Arriving to the hut I could see those Secondborns talking to a guard of Ironhold. A traitor. There was no Dire Wolf, only a trap. I'm not sure why they are after me.
What? He is? Then...then it makes sense. If they get to the captain and me, there would be no one left to give orders to open the city doors. It would take ages to promote someone to First Lieutenant now that chaos rules the island.
Then you need to get through Ironhold. Sava is to be found east of Ironhold. I've got some bad news for you though. There will be something more than guards stopping you from traveling east. Meet me in ironhold and I will show you. I will send word of your arrival so you may enter