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Experience (XP) is a substance in Vampire's Fall: Origins. It is used to level up your bloodline and abilities, and can be gained from fighting enemies, completing the Origins quests, or completing side quests.

All quests provide experience, however some provide more than others, as you progress throughout the game. If the quest relates to fighting an enemy (usually strong for the level of the person doing the quest), then it will most likely provide more experience, both from killing the enemy and the quest itself.

Enemies also provide experience, but usually nowhere near the amount that quests do, depending on the quest and the enemy. The tougher the enemy, the more experience (and gold) it provides. Below is a list of the various amounts of experience that enemies give (incomplete):

Farmer = 16 XP

Rat = 8 XP

Spirit Brother Ren = N/A

Stalker Beast = 58 XP

Swamp Devoters = N/A

Witchmaster = N/A

Witchmaster Soldier = N/A

Wolf Beast = 35 XP