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Eerikki is a man living in Easthaven and can be found in the southeast part of town. He is a shady man that can help people find things for a price. He once helped a Drunk find out what his wife was doing while she was sneaking around.

Quests[edit | edit source]

- Origins

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

What do you want?
People asking those kind of questions tend to live shorter.
You are here in business. Why didn't you say so? Finding a traitor you say? People usually need help with related situations, so to speak. A traitor...not the easiest person to find. A traitor has malicious intents. That, we should be able to find. We need strong stuff for this. I need the essence of a Seeker Beast. If you find and kill the seeker beast and bring me it's essence, I will use some of the essence to brew a potion that can help you find the traitor. The rest of it I will keep for some other stuff. There is a small grove in which the Seeker Beast lives. It's rare so be patient!
Wonderful. Just a second. *Hrrm* *Hrrm* *Hrrm*....and here you go! Pour this potion at the place where you believe the traitor has been. I a person with malicious intent has been at that place, you will see a trace leading to the culprit.