Death's Advocate

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This article contains spoilers. Read at your own risk!

Death's Advocate
General info
Guard Brutal
A small valley near Easthaven
Base Details
Greatest weakness
Gold Drop
Experience Gain

Description[edit | edit source]

Once a brilliant jurist of Easthaven, today there remains only fearful rumors and an abandoned house. Hidden in a grotto just outside town, the Advocate profits off the deal he made with Death; sacrificing a soul every year to prolong his unnatural life. Not unlike a vampire in his immortal and parasitic way, but far beyond what the Witchmaster and his experiments have ever accomplished - the Advocate walks on the brink of eternity and is sustained by the death of others : he can't wait for you to bring him his next offering...

Battle[edit | edit source]

Write about strategy here. He uses Piercing, Slashing, Lighting and Max HP -200 Debuff.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Brutal Stats
HP Action 1 Action 2 Action 3 Action 4 Action 5
Bronze 4 032 ? ? ? ? ?
Silver 14 742 - 250 max HP Piercing ? ? ?
Gold 28 287 - 250 max HP Piercing Lightning ? ?
Epic 45 296 - 250 max HP Piercing Lightning ? ?
Blunt Piercing Slashing Bleed Poison Dark Magic Fire Lightning
not effective, effective (Epic) ? ? ? ? not effective, not ineffective ? not effective, not ineffective ?

Rewards[edit | edit source]

In addition to the standard rewards of any Brutal fight (two items and a lot of gold and experience), this foe yields a rare Cape that improves Control Abilites and increases chances of critical.