Daily Brutals

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Overview[edit | edit source]

Daily Brutals are a type of Brutal. Each day, the player is tasked with finding and defeating one of them. Their rough location can be found in their menu, accessed through the second tab of the Brutal window.
While they are Brutals, their strength scales with Rebirths instead of Tiers. For example, a daily Brutal in the Normie difficulty has always 5210HP, even if the current Brutal set is the gold tier. On the other end, in Hell for instance, the daily Brutals have 83897HP (with some minor variations of +- a few hundreds) even if the bronze tier was never completed.

Base rewards[edit | edit source]

Each Rebirth level will see the player earn a fixed amount of gold and experience for defeating their daily Brutal.

Streak mechanic[edit | edit source]

Hunting and beating the daily Brutal is meant to be a sure way to increase the player's day-to-day gold and experience income. However, achieving consecutive victories yields additional rewards in the form of a streak system:

  • Every victory grants a 25% bonus to experience gains that stacks up to 175% on the last day.
  • Once the seventh daily Brutal has been defeated, the player can open a chest in the relevant menu that gives 120 Shards and 5000 gold (the gold counts as a Quest reward and is subject to boosts from Rebirth).

The streak count and the experience boost that comes with it are reset when a daily Brutal isn't defeated for a full day or when the streak chest is opened.

The player is on a 6-day streak and needs to find the Trapper to complete his weekly sequence.

List of possible daily Brutals[edit | edit source]

Since the daily Brutals scale with the 6 difficulty levels of the Rebirth system, the stat table used is the Monster one. Community contributions are very welcome in this section, since the completion of this list is an ambitious goal. However, please note that there still are a lot of information gaps because the testing and recording of daily Brutals is, per nature, difficult.

Location of daily Brutals[edit | edit source]

Daily brutals may only appear in specific locations. They work like the Wild Brutals : you will need to run in the area to make it attack you. Here is a list of known daily Brutals locations.