Creator of The Blue Light

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Mystic Daemonicus

This quest begins by completing Follow the Light quest with the words of the blue light: " Return to my creator's house I will". Creator of the blue light is Mystic Daemonicus located in Gordova, on the road west of Blacksmith. His house is surrounded with blue flames. He will ask you to close any void ripples which are made by young wanna-be black magic users.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

- Travel to Gordova and talk to Mystic Daemonicus.

Location of Mystic Daemonicus

- Close 9 void ripples (marked in your map), some of them will put up a fight (void entity, 2440 HP).

- Head back to Mystic Daemonicus and complete the quest for 600 gold and 2100 XP.

Quest Log[edit | edit source]

Number Log
1 Look for the creator of the blue fire
2 Close the void ruptures
3 Return to the creator of the blue fire