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Crafting can be accessed from the menu on the right side of the screen, giving the ability to craft potions and bloodstones.

Extra pocket copy.png

  • Crafting can only be accessed within safe zones like Villages and Taverns, except when using Alchemist Form.
  • Additional crafting slots can be unlocked using skill points in Extra Pocket.
  • Crafting can be cancelled without penalties.
  • Craftting can be finished earlier using Dark Shards.

The Crafting information below are for the mobile version of the game.

Picture Craft Item Name Effect Crafting Time Unlock Requirement
Lesser Blood Vial.jpg Lesser Blood Vial Restore 30% of Max HP 02:00
Blood Vial.jpg Blood Vial Restore 60% of Max HP 05:00
Greater Blood Vial.jpg Greater Blood Vial Restore 100% of Max HP 08:00
Bat Travel Potion.jpg Bat Travel Potion Allows to Fast Travel to selected Locations 30:00
Create Lure Increase encounter rate* for enemies.

Duration 17:00

Cannot be crafted immediately after Rebirth.

25:00 Origins - before Kamengrad
Bloodstone Used in Forging 08:00:00