Buried Bones

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Buried Bones

The quests begins by talking to Holy Fredrich of the Sun in Avan. He wants to dig up the bones of the recently departed Abram and bring them to the church, claiming that Abram was a member of said church and belongs there. Good Luck (^_^)

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

- Talk to Holy Fredrich at the church East of Avan.

- Talk to the Troubled Man, East of the Blacksmith.

- Head to the western part of Avan, just South of the tents, and talk to the Sad Huntress

- Head to the northwest part of Avan to the market. Talk to the Talkative Man. He is located in the northern area of the market.

- Head back to Holy Fredrich to find out the location of Abram's body and receive 40 exp.

- Head down the road between Avan and Vamp'Ire, past Petyr the Eye-less and Marid until you reach Green-wood Cemetery.

- Interact with Abram's tomb and be prepared for a fight!

- The Spirit of Abram is slightly stronger then a Stalker Beast. Banish his soul to collect his remains.

- Return the bones to his Sister for 150g 300 exp or bring them to Holy Fredrich for 150g and 110 exp.

Quest Log[edit | edit source]

Number Log
1 - Talk to Abrams sister.

- Talk to Abrams best friend.
- Talk to Abrams neighbour.

2 Talk to Holy Fredrich of The Sun again and find out were Abrams body is located.
3 Find Green-wood Cemetery south-west of Avan and bring Abrams bones from there.
4 Return Abrams bones to the priest in Avan.

Side Notes[edit | edit source]

If you choose against bringing Abram's remains to Fredich during the final part of the quest, from that point on his dialogue will reflect his grudge towards you. Furthermore, the price of his healing service will triple - staying at 15g for the rest of the Rebirth.