Bring The Message

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This quest begins by talking to Messenger in Ironhold. He is asking you to deliver a message to Gordova as soon as possible.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

- Talk to Messenger in Ironhold.

- Bring message to Messenger in Gordova and receive 50 gold and 250 xp.

- Take message to The Huts of Mangrove.

*Note* you must have complete The Hunt For Sava past the underground river passage up to the point of defeating the 2nd relic wall to continue.

-In The Mangrove Huts, find the Cartographer on the South dock and receive 50 gold and 250 xp.

He will ask you to map The Endless Swamp to the end.

-Follow the Endless Swamp directly West to the mountains, then South along the mountains. You'll find the Old Shed where there is a Westward cut into the mountains and you will get 500 xp.

Old Shed

- Head South, then West along the coast

-*Note* You will run across an interactive Old Statue along the Mountain. The statue mentions going east. Another statue on the Coast, to the East, points North.

-The Old Way Stone is nearly halfway along the coast, after it dips South close to where it returns North.

- Interact with The Old Way Stone for 500 xp.

Old way stone

-Return back to the Cartographer and complete the quest for 400 gold and 2000 xp.

Quest Log[edit | edit source]

Number Log
1 Bring the message to Gordova
2 Bring the message to The Huts of Mangrove
3 -Find the old Swamp Shed. Follow the mountains west in the Endless Swamp

-Find the Old Way Stone. It's along the south coast of Endless Swamp

5 Return to the Cartographer