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Antonia is a woman in Easthaven just northeast of the southern Blacksmith. She is an old friend of Ignisius and talks about his breakdown and obsession with Sokriaties.

Quests[edit | edit source]

- Helping the Philosopher

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

My friend was the best student of his class, then suddenly one day he raged and quit school. He said that no one else understood the words of the old philosopher Sokriaties and he couldn't interact with, or even be around, people that didn't get the words of that old thinker. Moved to the ruins of Paddock Village to be by himself.
As far as I am concerned, without hunting, there is no Avan. The first person in Avan was a hunter and the last person in Avan will be a hunter. It's how we make our living and it's how we live our... There is no place in this world where you will find as fine hunters as here.