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The Abilities are Buffs or Debuff or Attacks used in combat against Players or hostile non-player characters (NPCs) in Vampire's Fall: Origins.

There are 3 kind of Abilities.

  • Control Contains 3 Attack abilities and 1 Debuff ability.
    • Backstab - physical attack
    • Bat Swarm - magical attack, stackable
    • Conjure - magical attack
    • Petrify - debuff, stackable
  • Instinct Contains 2 Buff abilities and 1 Attack ability and 1 Debuff ability.
    • Sharpen - weapon buff
    • Bite - physical attack, heal
    • Fracture - armor debuff, stackable, limit: 100%
    • Fortify - armor buff, stackable
  • Might Contains 6 Buff abilities.

For more details, refer to the individual Ability Types.